Business cards holders

This small gadget will look great on any desk, and what's more, it will add professionalism to the person working at it. Plexi business card holders are available in many variants - simple, with cutouts, horizontal, vertical, profiled, and equipped with hangers for wall mounting. Thanks to this, everyone in our store will find something suitable for themselves.

Desktop business card holders are also available in a cascading model, in which depending on the type, 4 or 8 pieces can be placed. They consist of pockets arranged in rows, which allows for placing various business cards in them. This enables the distribution and advertising of different companies at the same time.

We offer customers standing business card holders - colorless, made of cast polyester, as well as models made of white or black plexi. The former will nicely display inserts in any color, while the standing white and black models will work great for presenting inserts in contrasting colors.

In our store, we also have standing models with a curved front foot, which makes it easy to mark and inform recipients about the content inside. This method of presentation is not only practical but also very impressive.

The wide selection of available distributors in our store was created with customers in mind. We know perfectly well that each of them has different requirements regarding presentation during exhibitions and fairs. The distribution of transparent and colored plexi models, as well as a wide selection of available designs: vertical, horizontal, cascading, simple, and profiled, means that everyone will find something suitable for themselves

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