Leaflet pockets

Are you looking for a good way to advertise your business? We present a reliable solution - hanging and standing brochure holders. With their help, you can place informative and advertising materials about your business anywhere in a non-intrusive way, whether it's at a conference, trade show, or even on your desk. Customers often even reach for them unintentionally, which can be the beginning of a long-term cooperation. Thanks to these brochure holders, your potential clients have the opportunity to learn something about your company and form an opinion about it.

The products presented in this category are simply universal dispensers for various types of brochures and leaflets. Depending on your preference, you can choose a hanging or standing brochure holder.

In contrast to bins, the construction of the presented products is more enclosed, which better secures the advertising materials placed inside from falling out. This also makes it easier to handle these types of dispensers and is undoubtedly more convenient for the customer.

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