T type display stand

If you own gastronomic points, hotels or other service points in which you need to display useful information for customers, you will find the necessary accessories with us. For this purpose, we offer you double-sided plexiglass stands, called T-type, which owe their name to a simple structure in the shape of this letter. The base consists of a stable, flat foot (or feet in the case of three-legged models), and the top in the selected size allows for the display of leaflets, posters or simply information cards. Double-sided T-type plexiglass stands are perfect for tables in pizzerias, pastry shops, bars, and even restaurants - they give the possibility to present the menu, drinks, or seasonal promotions in a clear, easily accessible, and eye-catching way. This is also a convenient option for customers themselves, who, when ordering additional drinks or desserts, no longer have to handle a traditional menu with greasy or sticky fingers.

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