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When entering a store, every customer wants to know the cost of the products first and foremost. If a business owner does not provide such information in an easily accessible way, the customer is likely to become discouraged, especially if the staff is busy with other customers and unable to provide the information immediately.

Plexiglass price tags are small L-shaped stands designed for displaying prices and descriptions of products sold in stores and boutiques. They are useful wherever a product is available for purchase. Having the costs clearly presented, the customer can more easily decide whether to purchase the displayed item.

We recommend using our plexiglass product everywhere where a luxury, elegant product is also displayed, such as jewelry, perfumes, high-quality leather goods, etc. They are also great for use in museums and art exhibitions - individual descriptions of exhibits can be placed in them, making them easily visible even for larger groups.

We also offer adhesive price tags in various dimensions - they can be easily stuck on display cases or walls using double-sided tape (included in the set). These types of stands are characterized by very aesthetic design, which effectively catches the customer's attention. The advantage of the product is the ability to place it at the customer's eye level for even better display of the description and attractive price.

Our assortment includes standing products - both simple and profiled, as well as driven-in ones. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with their dimensions and to make purchases in our online store. Thanks to such a diverse range of products, you can easily find the right one for a given use.

Depending on whether you want to place plexiglass price tags on shelves (on the strips located on their edges) or between products, you can choose a different type. In Artcop, you will find both adhesive and standing variants.

The adhesive stands are available in various sizes, such as 60x40, 50x35, or 40x30. You can easily choose the appropriate size according to the width of the shelf edge on which you want to stick the plexiglass price tag. We include blister packs of adhesive tape, perfectly matching and with excellent adhesive properties, which will not detach for a long time of use.

The second type, designed to be placed on shelves, display windows, or display cases, are available in horizontal and vertical options, as well as rotating ones, i.e., both horizontal and vertical (just turn them around and they will be in a stable position and won't fall over). If you own an exclusive establishment, such as a jewelry store, we recommend the variant with a profiled foot. It looks very elegant and fits perfectly into the tasteful interior design of the premises.

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