Round platter with handle - 4 shelves 300 x 100 made of 4mm plexiglass

Round platter with handle - 4 shelves 300 x 100 made of 4mm plexiglass

VAT included

Symbol: SFO1U-4x320x300-4

Dimensions of the stand:

Overall height: 48cm with handle (32cm without) Width: 30cm Number of tiers: 4 Sizes of tiers: m1: 30cm, m2: 26cm, m3: 22cm, m4: 18cm. Distance between tiers: 10cm

Material: 4mm clear plexi

Edge treatment: Laser cut, shiny, polished.

Additional information: The stand can be disassembled into parts, making it easy to clean. It is topped with a handle for easy transportation. All elements of the stand have certifications for contact with food. The product is shipped disassembled and should be assembled according to the instructions provided.

It is possible to assemble the stand without the handle.


Description and application:

The fountain with a pedestal, also called a PATERA, is a multi-level display stand resembling a classic fountain in its appearance. Exclusive version.

The model was created through modernization of the Modular Fountain. At the request of pastry chefs who were looking for a display stand for cupcakes, our designer made the necessary modifications to the original modular model.

The design changes further improved the appearance of the stand. The stand became an elegant PATERA, which can be used at lavish receptions.

We also recommend this product to elegant boutiques for presenting exclusive items: jewelry and accessories.

Functional data:

The stand is made of material that has been certified for contact with food.

The certificate and assembly instructions can be downloaded in the "Attachments" tab.

The product cannot be washed in the dishwasher.


*) Our products are covered with protective film in the following colors: clear, blue, white, or green. Before using the product, remove the film from its surface.

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protective films

*) Cleaning instructions for the tray can be downloaded from the "Attachments" tab. Please read them before cleaning the product.

manufacturer - ARTCOP

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