Round Patera with Handle - 4 shelves 300 x 100 made of 4mm plexiglass

Round Patera with Handle - 4 shelves 300 x 100 made of 4mm plexiglass


Elegant multi-level display stand with a tray made of 4mm-thick plexiglass and stainless steel handle.

Designed for confectioners and wedding venues, this impressive muffin stand features:

Dimensions: width x height x depth

300 x 480 x 300 [mm]

Distance between levels:

100 [mm] Other distances can be made upon request.

Can be easily disassembled for transport and storage.


Description and use:

The fountain with a stem, also known as PATERA, is a multi-level exhibition stand resembling a classical fountain in appearance. Standard version.

The model was created through the modernization of the Modular Fountain. At the request of BAKERS who were looking for an exhibition stand for muffins, our designer made an appropriate modification to the original modular model. While maintaining the design concept, the designer added a stabilizing stem to the stand and replaced the crosswise braces with tube supports. The metal stem runs centrally through the stand and is terminated on both sides with a thread and nuts to connect all the platforms and tube supports into a single unit. After folding, the stand can be used dynamically and can be moved from place to place by gripping it by any platform or handle, which is not possible with the Modular Fountain.

The structural changes additionally improved the appearance of the stand. The stand became an elegant PATERA that can work at fancy events.

We recommend this product also to elegant boutiques for presenting exclusive items: jewelry and accessories.

Technical data:

The stand is made of material certified for contact with foodstuffs.

The certificate and assembly instructions can be downloaded in the "Attachments" tab.

The product cannot be washed in a dishwasher.

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