LED RGB illuminated platter, 6-level with a height of 63cm made of 5mm plexiglass, ECO version.

LED RGB illuminated platter, 6-level with a height of 63cm made of 5mm plexiglass, ECO version.

VAT included

LED RGB 6-tiered display stand with a height of 63cm.

It features RGB LEDs and a radio controller, powered by a 2.3Ah battery, eliminating the need for a power cable. This allows for the stand to be easily moved from place to place.

Lighting duration: over 8 hours.

Dimensions and technical details:

Total height: 63cm, Number of tiers: 6, Largest tier diameter: 45cm, smallest tier diameter: 20cm, each tier spaced 5cm apart, Space between tiers (clearance): 10cm, Tier thickness: 5mm Supporting pipe diameter: 50mm Power supply case dimensions: diameter 45cm, height 7cm LED power: 3 x 14W = 42W LED type: RGB 60 diodes per meter. LED power supply: 12V DC A battery charger is included with the set, allowing for easy charging without the need to remove the battery.

The product is delivered unassembled.


All ideas and technical designs were created in our company. No one in the world produces such platters. We are pioneers in this matter and as the only ones, we have taken up this challenge. What do we offer our customers?

an innovative and unique product, exceptional decoration of cakes and desserts on banquet tables, convenient handling solutions, product mobility, it can be transported on a cart.

The platter was designed to be used without lighting. We divided it into two main components: the frame and the power cassette. It can be used with or without the power cassette, depending on the need. We included an Assembly Manual and a User Manual with the product. We pay attention to alcohol, which is a prohibited substance in contact with the platter. Alcohol destroys plexi !!! Please pay attention to this especially when washing and when dealing with cakes that may be soaked in alcohol. Such cakes are not recommended for this product, in fact, they are prohibited.

About the frame:

The frame is made of plexiglass, which has a certificate for contact with food and meets all SANEPID requirements. We offer our customers 3 types of thickness for the platter top: 5mm for the ECO version, 6mm for the STANDARD version, and 8mm for the STRONG version. You can choose one depending on your financial possibilities and the load on the platter. In most cases, 5mm is sufficient, but we recommend the STANDARD version with 6mm plexi. An important feature of the frame is the tube that carries the weight of the products placed on the top. We used a tube made of frosted plexi with a diameter of 50mm, in which LED lighting is installed. In the picture, it looks like the tube is in one piece. However, this is another innovative solution of ours. The tube consists of individual pillars that are screwed together. The platter tops are placed between them. What does this give? You can connect them in any configuration. You can use fewer platter tops if the frame is not illuminated. The LED determines the height of the cake stand and all the platter tops must be used if we want to use the LEDs. They can be arranged in any order, for example, a smaller one can be placed lower than a larger one. This creates a very interesting combination. The pillars have metal threads, which allows them to be screwed and unscrewed at will, without the risk of breaking such a thread in the material. This is another of our innovative solutions to the problem of threads breaking, which previously made products unusable. There are holes for the LEDs inside the tops and pillars. When assembling the frame, make sure that they match. The LEDs are inserted into the pillars and through the matching holes in the tops. The LEDs are terminated with connectors, to which their power supply is connected. We insert the protruding connectors into the power cassette, and connect its center with the controller. Pictures and descriptions are provided in the Assembly Manual, which we include with the purchased product.

On the power cassette:

The cassette is a black plexi box in which we have hidden the electronics and LED power supply. Inside, there is a 2.3 Ah battery and an RGB LED controller mounted. On the wall of the cassette, there is a lighting switch and a socket for charging the battery without the need to remove it. We include an intelligent charger (more expensive than standard ones) to safely charge the battery and not damage it. The charger has a charging indicator light, which signals when the battery is fully charged. After charging the battery, we lit the LEDs for over 8 hours, and they still worked. So, with 2.3 Ah, there is no danger of the lights going out during the party. Using a battery has made the tray mobile. Not only do cables no longer clutter the table, but it is also essential when delivering a wedding cake to the reception hall. Thanks to this, you can turn on the LEDs and push the cake cart onto the dance floor without a trailing cable.

If needed, the RGB LED controller can be replaced with a more sophisticated model to achieve different lighting effects than ours.

The assembly time for the tray is approximately 30 minutes. The difficulty may arise from aligning the holes for the LEDs and connecting the cassette to them. To make the task easier, we provide tools that help with this task, as well as methods for dealing with it efficiently.

NOTE: To wash the tray with water, you must first dismantle the power cassette and remove the LED pillars. To disconnect the cassette from the stand, you must unscrew the cassette lid, as there are connecting elements inside, and disconnect the LED power supply and remove them.

For more information, please refer to the instructions provided with the product.

We hope that the product developed in our company meets customers' expectations, especially those of young couples and pastry chefs preparing wedding cakes. :)

It's just a HIT that we've developed for these types of occasions.

NOTE! - The product is damaged upon contact with ALCOHOL!!!

Please follow the instructions for using the product, which can be downloaded from the attachment.

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