The PC8-C stand for 3 ice creams cream cone holder.

The PC8-C stand for 3 ice creams cream cone holder.

VAT included

Dispenser for 3 ice creams

made of black plexiglass

has a certificate for food contact safety

Product dimensions:

width x height x depth

195 x 90 x 80 [mm]

hole diameters:

60mm, 47.5mm, 35mm

The stand can also be used to present oval and cone-shaped objects.


Ability to print a logo on the stand using UV printing technique. Price list for this service can be found in the SERVICES section - UV Printing.

Description and usage:

Stands designed for serving ice cream in confectionery shops and dedicated stalls. This model allows for placing 3 ice creams in the stand at the same time.

The stand can also be used to display oval-shaped items. The hole prevents the item from sliding off the stand, for example, a ball or an egg. It can be used to place narrow and long objects, such as a ruler, teaspoon, mascara or deodorant.


*) Our products are covered with protective film in the colors: clear, blue, white or green. Before using the product, the film must be removed from its surface.

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