Bakery display stand for cookies and macarons.

Bakery display stand for cookies and macarons.

VAT included

Bakery display stand for cookies and macarons.

Made of food-safe plexiglass with certification.

Symbol: EMG-1

Dimensions of the display:

Height: 8.5cm Width: 6.2cm Depth: 29cm Number of shelves: 1

Dimensions of the grooves:

Depth: 4cm Width: 5.5cm Length: 35cm

Material: 3mm clear plexiglass for the stand, 2mm for the grooves.

Edge processing: laser-cut, glossy, polished.

The plexiglass used for the display has certifications for food contact.


Description and application:

An exclusive display stand for exceptional pastry products. Macarons fit perfectly into the grooves. Pastry chefs can easily serve the product to customers using this stand.

The plexiglass stand for macarons is a small but elegant and practical item used for storing and presenting these delicious cookies. The stand is made of transparent and durable material - plexiglass, which is perfect for this purpose, as it is easy to clean.

The stand for one row of macarons has a certificate for contact with food, which means that it meets high quality and safety standards. This is very important as it allows for safe storage and display of these delicacies.

The stand consists of shelves on which cookies can be arranged. The stand is stable enough to be placed on a table or countertop without fear of tipping over.

Such stands are very practical for parties, weddings, or birthdays, where they can be used to present macarons or other pastries in an elegant way. In addition, the stand can also be used to store cookies at home or in cafes and pastry shops.

Usage information:

The stand is made of a material that has a certificate for contact with food.

The certificate can be downloaded in the "Attachments" tab.

The product cannot be washed in a dishwasher.


*) Our products are covered with a protective film in color: clear, blue, white, or green. Before using the product, remove the film from its surface.

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